Annotated Lyric Booklet

July 2017


Sufjan Stevens' music has influenced a large part of my life as a ”creative person.” I remember sitting in my high school art room, painting Michael Sieben rip-offs on broken skateboards, with Michigan blasting on my old iPod video. Back then I had never heard something so sweetly intimate before and he drew me into his world. The amount of symbolism in each line of every song was a huge source of creative inspiration during my early days and his album ”Carrie & Lowell” (2015) is no exception. As a tribute to him and the honesty of this album, I created a booklet for the song ”The Only Thing” with lyrics and annotations behind the meaning. Using images found on the web and hand-drawn iconography, I attempted to bring some visual reference to guide the reader through the intense amount of symbolism and meaning.